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Industrial Air Conditioning Equipment

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For critical industrial applications, such as the motor control center for a $60,000/HR process, the reliability of the air conditioning is vital. It must be as good as the manufacturing equipment it protects. Relying on standard commercial air conditioning can be disastrous because it becomes the weakest link in the system.

For these mission-critical jobs, we offer a full line of chillers and condensing units built by the best factories in the world. CRR units combine an intelligent combination of commercial AND industrial design aspect to produce extremely reliable air conditioning equipment at reasonable cost. In addition, our ability to provide special electrical enclosures and paint systems assures that the equipment will stand up to the toughest environments.

Special features incorporated into CRR Industrial A/C units include:
  • Multiple compressor / multiple refrigerant circuit designs for built-in back-up cooling capacity at all times.
  • Oversized, heavy duty, plate fin air-cooled condensers. Low head pressure saves energy and improves compressor reliability 10 fold compared to conventional commercial designs.
  • Condenser coating, stainless steel casing and industrial painting systems as needed.
Such systems can be designed for any voltage (230/460/575/380/2300/4600) and any tonnage range (2 tons and above)

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