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Pilot Plants & Specialty Chemicals

Pilot plant and specialty chemicals present many challenges for refrigeration system designers. The true loads are frequently unknown resulting in excessive cycling and nuisance trips for traditional single compressor systems. Instead, multiple compressor - multiple refrigerant systems are preferred. Using multiple systems loads as low as 5% cooling capacity can be run without a problem.

Like pilot plant specialty chemicals require heat exchangers to operate at a wide range of refrigerated fluid temperatures. It is not unusual for a specialty chemical client to request a refrigeration unit to produce ethylene glycol at both +20°C and -20°C leaving temperature.

To accomplish this TSI systems are designed with flexible microcomputer controls and generously sized heat exchangers.

Case Study

Problem - Specialty chemical pilot plant needs time-controlled reactor cool down for a wide load variation from 5 to 50 tons.

Solution - 50 HP water-cooled rotary screw compressor with microcomputer control system.
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