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Reactor & Vessel Cooling

Reactors and vessels are typically cooled using secondary fluids: glycol, methanol water and engineered fluids for processes with high and low temp requirements. Selection of the secondary fluid is a critical part of the system design; we specialize in 5 to 500hp brine (glycol) cooling systems. Once the fluid is determined fluid temperatures, as low as -40° C are established to optimize process performance and reliability regardless of cooling load variations or changes in outdoor ambient.

Case Study

Problem - Petrochemical producer batch process requires cooling in jacketed tank in the final 48 process hours. The material is very expensive and any failure would be catastrophic.

Solution - Four 250hp, air-cooled, screw compressors with 100% redundancy. 50% of the system can handle 100% of the cooling load. Micro monitors supply glycol with activated lag circuit in the event a safety shutdown or poor performance (like a dirty condenser) of the lead system.
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