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Rebuild & Retrofit Case Study

Microcomputer control systems have greatly improved in the last few years. Older systems that show signs of reliability or efficiency problems need to be replaced and updated. In certain applications replacement of the old system isn't possible.

  • Three 350-ton hermetic, rotary screwed chillers provide air conditioners for an active office/engineering complex.
  • The units are operational but after providing years of service are starting to exhibit reliability problems. The chillers are located in the basement.
  • Replacement with new chillers is economically unfeasible.
  • Rebuild compressor motor assemblies;
  • Eddy current test tube bundles;
  • Relace analog controls with complete digital microcomputer control systems;
  • Update reliability safe guards with state-of-the-art components;
  • Project completed at 50% the cost of the new equipment and without any interruption to the office complex.
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