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Direct Refrigeration Systems

Certain process applications require the product to be cooled by a direct refrigerant to product heat exchanger. These systems are extremely efficient, but must take into consideration a number of special engineering requirements.

Case Study

Problem - Manufacturing of hydrogen peroxide is an exothermic process. Inadvertent contact with brines and other secondary fluids can result in a dangerous explosion. Thermal properties of h2o2 change as concentration varies during normal process cycles.

Solution - Single 50hp-screw compressor with 304 stainless steel evaporator. The vessel is pickled to provide a non-reactive heat exchanger surface. Microcomputer control systems interfaced with process control systems for automatic set point adjustment as production parameters vary.

Direct refrigeration systems are available from 5 to 1000-hp with refrigerant temperatures as cold as -45°C. Typical refrigerant options include R-22, R-134a, R-407c, R-404, and R-717.
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